Wedding Quote Inquiry Followup

Some recent wedding vids are on these pages also… get a quick quote!
Here are some common pricing options that work for most couples!
Just give me a call if you need other support plans.
Typical coverage that works well for many couples:
    • $2495 – 6 hrs coverage of prep/ceremony/reception
      • 2 shooters for prep/photos/ceremony time
      • 2 full-length video edits of ceremony and reception speeches/dances/activities
      • A super-cool! edit of the Day Highlights video (see site samples  ~10 min length)
      • Free Online 4K/HD download/iPhone deliveries and viewing
      • Highlights video editing time is only about 2wks
      • The full ceremony/speeches, editing time is less than 1 week
      • Add-on drone clips and StreamLIVE®! (call or quote form)
    • $2995 – 8 hrs coverage  /  $3495 – 10 hrs coverage
      • extended prep-time and reception coverage, 2 shooters full-day
      • male/female shooter preference for prep-time! (best effort scheduling)
      • 12-15min highlights video w music/dialog mix
      • “Freebie” drone/aerial flights and TimeLapses (best effort, venue/conditions)
        • Add-on 360ºVR video highlights for $360! StreamLIVE® for $295-$995
A $495 refundable deposit will confirm and schedule your date! I do simple, secure online invoicing/payments via PayPal. Balance of the quote is due 30 days prior to wedding day.
If you need more or less coverage time, or other budget considerations, let me know and I’ll advise some options. Hope to hear back from you soon!
Call/txt any time, if you have questions. Direct email below.
Jeff “TheVideoGuy” and “TheAwesomeCrew”!
720-273-1516 (cellph/txt)