I’m a visual storytelling fool! I’ve been doing media production and interactive media since the dark ages of digital. Filming, documentary, animation, motion graphics, design, editing, creative collaboration. All of it.

I wear all the hats.

I am a videographer, photographer and media and video producer for art, corporate, broadcast, music, and personal events.

I offer full-service beginning-to-end, video production, animation, web services, creative consulting and media project management. I also do corporate, non-profit, small business, weddings, family events, and broadcast.

I have over 15 years of experience with digital media development, and concept to delivery skills. I work in Colorado, Arizona, So. Cali, NM, HI … and other locations with flexibility. Storyteller, Videographer, Producer and Memory-Maker.

JeffTheVIdeoGuy.comGive me a call, I’d love to talk about your project! Or use the Contact/Quote page for an easy email.

720-273-1516 : JeffTheVideoGuy@gmail.com

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